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Thursday 16/11 15.00
Friday 17/11 11.40

Purpose of the work in progress presentation: To get contacts and places to perform and promote the show. Hoping that Subcase will be a great opportunity for getting contacts in Sweden and also internationally.

The project
Futuro Animal begins with a fable based on real facts: the humans living on the other side of the wall are voluntarily transforming their bodies into animals. The hippie and MC Leire Mesa tragicomically leads us to visualize a multidimensional space. In it, the processes of dehumanization of modern society are reflected in silicon asses, media walls of desinformation, broken women as symbols of human failure, circus bodies and exoduses.

The company
Twisting the Balance is a traditional contemporary circus company that attends different social and cultural contexts in order to generate circus experiences on site as an excuse to get together and disrupt the order of the polis. Twisting the Balance was the name of the first piece of the company, which premiered at Orionteatern in 2015. In FiraTárrega, in September 2015, they premiered their show No tenemos título (Qatar no Existe) and Futuro Animal is their newest creation.

Leire Mesa

With the support from Subtopia, Cirkus Cirkör, Swedish Arts Grants Committee (Konstnärsnämnden), BAD Bilbao, L’estruch, La Central del Circ, Antic Teatre and Cirkorama.