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Futuro Animal – Photo : Thomas Derderian

Futuro animal

The human beings living on the other side of the wall, are voluntarily converting their bodies into animals. The hippie and MC Leire Mesa tragicomically leads us to visualize a multidimensional space. In there, the process of dehumanization of modern society is reflected in the silicon’ asses, media walls of disinformation, broken women as symbols of human failure, circus bodies and exoduses.


Other projects

Twisting Stockholm

2015 - Orionteatern, Stockholm)

ҬThe trapeze - as the art of not having the feet on the ground, makes us take off, to think and roar. "

No tenemos título o Qatar no existe

2015 - Fira Tárrega (Catalunya)

We had a title for this project, Qatar doesn't exist. "... but we no longer have it, just as some of them had a job, a house, a healthy body, a name and they do not have it anymore. "


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