No tenemos título o Qatar no existe

“We do not have a Title” or “Qatar does not exist” is a scenic experience which documents the spectacular view of circus. Part of the encounter that the trapeze artist Leire Mesa had in Tárrega with some local resistance groups and people of diverse origins, abilities, genres and realities. Together they reflect on the concepts of power and resistance in relation to the construction of identity, work ethic, affections and the bodies produced by this globalized society.

The trapeze is resignified in “We do not have a Title” as a public, political and promiscuous space, where anyone can exercise their voice.

In this circus element the word takes flight, with the same risk and danger to which the bodies of circus are exposed.

We had a title for this project, “Qatar does not exist” .

“…but we no longer have it, just as some had a job, a house, a healthy body, a name and no longer have it. “

Qatar was the hope to restore a bankrupt factory and return its workers to work. This country could have bought the most important factory in Tarrega, “Indox”, but they did not. We did not want to, until they gave a favorable answer or not, hurt the sensitivity of anyone by stating from the title of a scenic and circus piece that Qatar does not exist.

In this way we respect the sensitivity of everyone and of ourselves. But we do not abandon the content of what the figure of Qatar represents as the richest country in the world, where there are no unions for workers, there are no labor inspections and there are many legal obstacles for employees to denounce injustices.

Now we recover the title in this explanatory text of what was the evolution of the project; as Jordi bulgarian of origin recovers his real name, Goran, in We do not have title.

In the piece we will not bore you with political and economical disquisitions, but we can already mention from circus and a fragmented poetry with documentary dyes, that in the J. Trepat factory Qatar does not exist; but it exists in the desire of all those who lost faith in the promised paradise of the Gods.

Qatar is far from our per capita income but it is in the postcards, in Wikipedia, in the 2022 world, in the promises of prosperity.