It is a contemporary tradition circus company which attends social and cultural contexts to generate circus experiences on site, as an excuse to get together and disturb the order of the “polis”.

The project exists thanks to the dialogue build up by relationships, and created by communities who think and roar!


The first piece of  Cíe Twisting the Balance, which takes the same name of the company, was performed in 2015 in collaboration with a group of women from Stockholm city.

The premiere took place at Orionteatern, as a part of the MA in New Performative Practice of the DOCH University in Stockholm. The work of Leire Mesa with the dramaturgy of Rolando San Martín.

In September 2015 the company announced its position as ¨Political Circus¨, in response to the experience lived in Tàrrega, where they premiered the show “No tenemos título (or Qatar no existe)”.

In January 2016 they started the creation of Futuro Animal and Edoardo Virtú joins the Cíe.


ROLANDO SAN MARTÍN, Chilean/Spanish 1972 Director and dramaturge for theatre, circus, dance and performance. From his break-dance beginnings to a Grotowski’ acting training, his studies led him to get deeper in textual quality of dance, the body of the performance and the circus of the theater.

Among other works, he has work as actor in Acera Derecha from Rodrigo Garcia in 1995, or for companies or producers like Yllana, Teatro Español or Ana Pasadena from Maria Folguera. He has danced for Juan Domínguez, Carmen Cortés or Katie Duck; or Portuguese choreographers like Francisco Camacho and Silvia Real. His latest performances were with choreographer Aitana Cordero and creator Claudia Faci. He aso worked for CDN as movement director in La Buena persona de Sezuan by Bertold Brecht. He was the art director ofAl Filo 2011/12 at Teatro Circo Price. He is a creative collaborator with companies like Kulunka Teatro, Si Acaso Teatroand Illana. Dramaturge and director of Burlar lo imposible for Cirque Jules Verne of Amiens (France) as part of the project Circo Interior Bruto). He has directed for the last eight years over 30 circus, theatre and performance shows for which he has gained recognition like the 2008 Max Theater Award for Best New Play for Desde lo invisible; and the 2014 Bilbao Act-Festival First Prize with Silbatriz Pons for Episodio 08. He is currently a member of the Cie Twisting the Balance.

LEIRE MESA,  Basque Country 1987. Circus artist dedicated to creation, generator of actions and synergies for circus, theatre and numerous rebellions. The circus is her discipline as stage language and the Trapeze is her circus specialty. She has work up her body through dance and physical theater and is currently studying with Alexander Sasha Gavrilov to boost her vertical skills.Her beginnings in circus training at several non-academic places took her to perform and travel around the world. She cofounded the street circus-theatre company Atropecias in the Basque Country. She moved to Bristol to study at Circomedia official school. In England she worked with the Nofit State company in the show Bianco. And later, as a result of their collaboration with director Firenza Guidi, they worked together on her first solo show, I live. In 2015 she submitted Twisting the Balance, a dissertation as part of her work itinerary, research and methodology in a Master in New Performative Practice at Stockholm Doch university.

The project was born out of a need to twist her circus practice interacting with other artistic, social and political expressions.

She cofunded the company Twisting the Balance. She worked for the Cie Animal Religion in the show Sapiens Zoo , create the communitary project INK in Alby (Stockholm), and collaborate with the Political Circus show from Metro al Madina in Lebanon.

She recently completed a postgraduate degree at the University of KKH (Stockholm) in architecture / cities / utopias, creating the exhibition INK and the performative piece Witches, Bitches on the Beaches. At the same time she is working in the organization of the Encounter

Voz Láctea; Magdalena Tarahumara an as part of the artistic advice group of the organization of the festival Subcase in Stockholm.

EDOARDO MARIA VIRTÙ, Sicily 1991. At the age of 14 he started playing bass guitar in local rock and grunge bands. At the age of 19 he quit his studies of philosophy to move in London, where experienced the vibrant street art scene and the Sound System Culture of the streets of London. He discovered his passion for traditional African drums and rhythm. The influences of UK Drum and Bass, Dub, Dubstep and Jamaican culture drove him to work with a local musician and sound system of the genre. There he did a course of music production and sound engineering at Point Blank Music School of London. In 2012 he moved to Barcelona to continue his music and sound engineer studies at Microfusa School. In 2013 he travelled to Gambia where he end up working with an international project, called Sofaniama Kunda, managing a recording studio in one of the most active cultural centers of the country. There he had the opportunity to play and record with some of the best local artists. Back in Barcelona, he has been working as musician, producer and recording engineer with different artists end genres. In 2016 he starts the collaboration with the master percussionist Tito Silva, in an experimental project called TAS, an orchestration of ancient African string instrument (also known as berimbao) .

Since 2012 he is a current and spiritual member as a percussionist and producer of the Reggae and World Music band called, Elephant Step; and since 2016 he is a member of the Cie Twisting the Balance.